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Some of my Creations over the last week

Valentine’s day is almost upon us and all us cardmakers know
we are always against the pump for seasonal cards (Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas)
As most folk order at the last minute and expect miracles so I make as many blanks as possible so I just have to personalise them
hoping that the customers like them and will order them instead of wanting a commissioned card.


This was my feminine card gorgeous
red and pink tones with a bit of bling (us ladies love sparkles)
used loads of techniques in this card emboss resist
using a coloured stamp and then clear UTEE and then washing
over the top of it with an ink with glimmer spray mixed in
giving the card a gorgeous pearlised effect.





These two were my masculine designs how hard
is it to find a modern masculine card?
All the designs are red and shiny with lovehearts lol 
so this was my take on a mans version the top one the red is
more burgandy and a lot more darker than the usual 
valentines card. and the bottom one I love and think it might even 
end up as my partners card 🙂 as I think it is fab and ticks the right 
boxes, loving without being mushy x


This one is my favorite I must say with all the yukky
weather we have had in scotland the last few weeks
This card gives me a reason to smile knowing spring
isnt too far away x the card doesnt have an occasion
but my thinking was graduation or flying the nest
something to do with them stepping out on their own.




This card again is a nice bright warm card used the Tim Holtz Distress Inks Ripe Persimmon 
Then I topped the embossed flower area’s with Cosmic Shimmer Golden Fish
which gives the flower heads a lovely pearl effect,
I then added Stickles Eucalyptus Glitter Glue to the leaves
which gave them a bit of sparkle.
The flower is loads of layers all different,
Bottom Flower is Ripe Persimmon then topped with Stickles Orange Peel Glitter Glue
I watered this down with a water spray so the glitter was very light and not too in your face.
the next flower was an orange material flower which I lightly brushed with some of my left over 
Cosmic Shimmer Mist Golden Fish it just gave the flower a little bit of a shimmer.
The next flower I inked using Tim Holtz Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink Pad then I dipped the flower in  UTEE
I then heated it to melt the enamel and then I repeated dipping it and heating it 3 or 4
times and it gave me a really thick enamel which I could then as it was cooling mould to the shape I wanted
and the top flower was just sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Mist Golden Fish
which I sprayed on directly and it gave it a lovely sheen.
finally attached it to the card using a big gemstone brad.
Anyway thats it for now 
Happy Crafting xx



Tim Holtz Distress Inks Colour Chart – Including Season Colours

I love Tim Holtz Distress inks and use them on a daily basis,
I am a bit of an neat freak in the sense
I like to see everything in front of me, rather than looking at 10 things
before I can decide which colours work best with my project.
So I have on my wall a colour chart for most things,
Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Cosmic Shimmers, Stickles, Promarkers.
But my Wall was getting a tad messy as Tim Holtz distress inks had two charts
1 for his regular ink pads and 1 for his seasonal, so I took to making my own
chart having all the current 48 colours on one page.
I have then cut out small strips from Cardstock 1cm by 4cm
which then fit perfectly on to my chart, I then colour
the whole strip using one of the ink pads
and let it dry, once it has dried I use my embossing pad
(I use VersaMark Dazzle) and on the 
coloured strip stamp 2cm’s with the pad, and
then add clear embossing powder and heat
till the powder has glossed half your strip.
Then using either a tape runner or
glue dots stick it on your chart.
Follow the above steps for all your ink pads.
I once I finished my chart laminated it, as it means it
will stay clean and it will last much longer
and no chance of it getting grubby or torn.
Hope the chart helps you too x
Tim Holtz Distress Inks Colour Chart Including Seasonal Colours
Blank Copy
Tim Holtz Distress Inks Colour Chart 48 colours with clear embossing
My Copy once it had been done and laminated
above is a jpeg of the chart
and below is the PDF format
Tim Holtz Distress Inks Colour Chart Including Seasonal Colours
Happy Crafting xx

Dad’s 60th Scrapbook

This was my first ever paper craft project,
I started it nearly 6 years ago and
it took me about 6 months to do
as I could only work on it at night
once Jayden-Jack was in bed as
he was a tot at the time and
craft knifes and babies are not a good mix. 
Dad at the time I started it didnt want a birthday party
for his 60th and he is a man with no hobbies and a
very simplistic way of life he is very difficult
to get a perfect gift for him.
But I decided to aim to do a scrapbook
60yrs is a longtime and felt I could make a good 
attempt at covering all the major points
in his life with the project.
Anyway here is the pages I done for his book
This is a pic of  our direct family
Front Row – Jordan (My Son) Dad holding Jayden-Jack
(My other Son) Mum holding Jack (My Brother’s Son)
Mirin (My Sister’s Daughter)
Back Row – Laura (My Sister) Eugene (My Brother) and Me
it was taken at Jayden-Jack’s Christening.
This was just wording about the town my dad was conceived in,
My grandparents and their eldest kids
moved from Carndonagh in Ireland in 1947
while my gran was expecting my Dad.
This is just some more information about the town
and some of the landmarks in Carndonagh.
This is my grandparent’s cottage & the path leading to the cottage  
(it is still standing although has been extended and modernized) 
The headstone is my Dad’s grandparents and uncles & cousin.
it is in the local church grounds in Carndonagh.
This is my dad and some of his siblings (he was one of 15
(9 girls & 6 boys)
Front Row – Bridie (A Twin), Eugene (My Dad),
Bernadette, Thomas, Mavie (the other twin)
Back Row – Eileen & Kathleen
Mum and Dad’s page just photos of them through the years
This is the page I made for their wedding photos (I added them later)
Next is my page various photos of me
My Sister Laura’s Page through the years photos
My Brother Eugene’s Page again from childhood to a teenager.
Some of my dad x
Then this is a mix of family photos 
Once again a mix of photos of me and my siblings
Next up was my dad’s visit to bellahouston park to the the pope
when he visited in 1982, this was a huge event in my dad’s life
so had to be part of his book.
My Dad hasnt had the easiest road in life and has
held on to his faith throughout so felt this poem
“footprints in the sand” was poignant and had to be included.
Next up is the 2 eldest grandkids Jordan & Mirin
These were a double page with sunshine holidays and days in the garden etc.
Then we have my brother and his girlfriends page 
Then the babies (then) Jayden-Jack and Jack
I had Jayden-Jack 15 days before my SIL had Jack
They are like chalk and cheese both visually and personality
Some extended family at weddings and parties
And these are close friends of the family
(My dad is also the cowboy in the dressing up one) 
That was me finished his book (so I thought) August
he decided he did want a party, wanted to see his
siblings and family in a happy setting for a wee change
so I made a guestbook for him for his guests to sign.
And this was the cover of his guestbook and all the guests
wrote a wee message for him to keep.
His scrapbook I added another page to, 1 page was of his birthday photos 
Mums house before the party
(Carnage all of us trying to get ready and get kids
ready inbetween running back and forth to the
venue to decorate and cook food)
Dad’s younger Sisters Annemarie and Elizabeth
Friend of the family Alice, her granddaughter and daughter
My dad’s younger brother Thomas, and his BIL’s Tam and Bruno
Dad’s Sister Mavie (well the back of her head)
Maurice her husband, Mavie’s grandson Blair,
Dad’s Neice Aileen, Aileens hubby John and Aileen’s son Sean
Dad’s Nephew Stephen, Dad’s Niece Tanya’s husband
also Steven and Dad’s BIL Bruno
Family Friend Tam, Dad’s BIL Leonard,
Dad’s Niece Julie and Julie’s Daughter Molly
Dad’s nephew ‘s Wife Katie and her kids Orla and Patrick
Family Friends, John, John, Mary and Susan
Family Friends Ellen, Anne and Helen
Dad’s Niece Michelle and her Partner Andrew
Family Friend Kay, her daughter Lauren (holding Jayden-Jack)
and Lauren’s friend
Dad’s Niece Marie and her husband David
Dad’s sisters Mavie & Molly, Dad’s Niece Mina and
Dad’s Niece Doreen’s husband Kenny
Colleagues of my mums, Brian, Lynda and Brian’s wife Sandra
My Dad’s nephews Iain, Stuart and David
Dad’s nephew Stephen’s wife Linzi,
Dad’s Sister Bernadette and Dad’s niece Tanya
Also on the back of that page I had left blank, through the party
we had coloured balloons black, silver and cream 
but behind the buffet table at the front of the hall
we had 7 white balloons all with individual tags on them, 
each balloon representing a direct relation of my dad
who had passed away (both his parents, 3 sisters and 2 brothers) 
at 10.30pm we  (Me & Ian, Mum, Laura, Eugene and Carol)
took dad out back and said it was time to say goodnight
to some very special guests at that Kim, an adopted
granddaughter to my dad (me and Kim’s mum were
best friends and Kim spent a lot of her childhood in and out
our house and she came on holiday and stuff with us, infact
she is still very much part of the direct family now even though
she is 20yrs old now) came outside with the 7 white balloons and
we explained to dad where they had been and let him read the labels
(the men were white tags with brown satin ribbon
and the ladies were white tags with cream satin ribbon)
they all said Happy Birthday Son/Brother love always
Mum/Dad/ Danny/Jackie/Margaret/Eileen/Kathleen.
then I explained the back page of his scrapbook was for the
tags to get put on.
It was emotional but it was the right thing for us as I know
they were definitely with us all in spirit that night,
and dad enjoyed that wee 10mins to reflect on spending
time with them on such a wonderful day.
Anyway that was my first project and the bug certainly hasnt left me xx
Happy Crafting





Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powders

Again I have been buying these a few at a time to build up my collection
I adore the colours of them they are so vivid and vibrant and the depth of colour is very hard to show online
as every time you move it another colour flashes through.
The Tubs are 20mls and cost around £3.60 each
I have made a chart below with the colours I have so far in my collections and will add one of the designs I have used the powders in,
mostly they are only used on flowers just now (I am going through a phase just now of embossing flowers and then moulding them to the shape I want)
but it will give you an idea of the colours if nothing else – Will add more as I work with them more.
The Lustre ones have a pearl effect and give you a pinky/silver tint to them all,
The Aurora ones are stunning they are like rainbows through the powders and give you loads of shimmers through it
Lilac Black has Black and purples through it and again it has a lilac shadow effect on the top, Midnight Blue and Cobalt Sky are very similar in their make up
but are different tones of blues through each of them, Tropic Red is red with orange and yellow tones.
Some of the powders are very fine ( the lapis pearl lustre is extremely fine and clings to everything)
some are more coarse and a few are UTEE but they all work in the exact same way.
This cards here the Large Purple Flower was Actually Lilac Apple Aurora,
I did emboss it twice to give it a lot of shimmer as you will see the colour is extremely vibrant.
The tiny pearl coloured flower was lapis pearl lustre and again I embossed it twice which meant I could mould it and give it shape.
I hope you enjoy using the Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powders as much as I do,
Happy Crafting.

Cosmic Shimmer Sprays

I have been buying Cosmic Shimmer Mists for the past few months as I absolutely love them

They are so versatile and work with so many other mediums that the really are worth investing in,

They cost around £3 a bottle which is for 50mls but that will last you ages.

The colours are so great.

My colour charts above are all sprayed on white cardstock with just one application

the more layers you add the more depth of colour and shimmer.

This is a Colour Chart is the Sprays I have in my collection, I havent got any of the chalk sprays yet but they are on my wish list

here is some cards I have used Cosmic Shimmer on 
This one was a mix of Tim Holtz Distress Inks and Shimmer Mists
I used a watercolour effect by using my glass cutting board
Stamping my distress inks direct on to the glass and then spritz with some water and then add your spray or two of cosmic glimmer mist (I used Pearl Mist) and then using the tip of your craft knife or a paint brush pull some of the outside (darker colour) into the lighter colour giving it a marbling effect.
then take your cardstock and lay it over the top of the colours to absorb in the ink.
once you are happy it is all covered lift it and wipe the sides gently with a tissue paper/kitchen roll
and let it dry.
If you want to add further mist to get more shimmer you can do it directly.
then when you are happy take the darker ink you used and go around the four sides with the ink pad directly to give the edges a strong colour.
the small card topper was done very same as the above technique only on a smaller version and the colours were more random (Distress inks used on this card were, Squeezed Lemonade, Worn Lipstick, Shaded Lilac and then I stamped on the script with Dusty Concord) The flowers were coloured using distress inks again and Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powders (I will be adding a blog about them shortly)
This was all white cardstock
I got a piece of white cardstock, again using my watercolour technique above
only this time I used Tim Holtz Distress Inks Tumbled Glass and Pearl Mist
this gave me a blue pearl background to use for both cards.
I then Stamped on to the card using
Prima Clear Stamp – Paintable – 541866
I stamped using Distress inks Gathered Twigs (be careful stamping and colouring with distress as they will bleed you need to be mega careful)
I then using a palette and sprayed in a drop of a few shades of green glimmer mists
(Blue Lime, Meadow Lush & Antique Green) Also some Pinks (Rose Pink & Antique Rose) 
I also used Gathered Twigs to colour the branches.
Then I cut out the stamped image with deckle effect scissors and finished it off with a blending foam pad and Tim Holtz Brushed Corduroy
Also used the same on the smaller square, I added various small flowers and a larger flower with similar pattern to the ones in the stamp.
and for finishing touches I used Stickles Magenta and some small gemstones
This Card was multi layers
First I used a script stamp with embossing pad and used White UTEE
(Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) and heated it up, This being such a course powder doesnt always adhere but that helped the look as I wanted it very grudged. I then added layers of colour using Tim Holtz Distress Inks
various greens and browns to give me a very old antique look.
I then used Rich Gold Shimmer Spray but I sprayed it on my glass mat and used a slightly damp brush and speckled the gold effect on just to give it highlights. The Tag was done using White card stock and Walnut Stain Distress Ink and again just used the same Rich Gold with the brush to give it a nice aged look and the flowers were done using white prima flowers, bottom one is vintage photo distress ink with Walnut Stain just on the edge of the petals, the smaller one is Brushed Corduroy and sprayed with patina once dried I soaked them by pressing them directly on to my embossing pad (I have an old grubby one for this) and then used Clear UTEE and done this 2/3 times with each giving them a glass look also just before they are cooled completely you can mould them in to shape (just be careful though when they are first embossed the UTEE is like HOT SUGAR it sticks to your skin and burns)
and finally I added them with a small dark brad, added a bit of brown sating ribbon and some brown gemstones and gold peel off wording.
This Card was made using the new Sizzix and Hero Art joint kits
Again once stamped I used a small nib Water pen 
and coloured using a mixture of Tim Holtz Distress inks and Cosmic Shimmer Mists. I love how well they work together the cosmic shimmer has been used on various leaves to give them an added something and on the musical notes in the background, the butterfly I have added Stickles Orange Peel just to give it some more glitz and finally 2 wee green gemstones.
I then to make the wording and the butterfly stand out I drew around them with Stella Hint of Wink Black Shimmer Pen.
I then cut the design with deckled scissors again and used Shabby Shutters Distress ink on a foam blending pad to give it a finished look x
Hope I have inspired you to play with colours and mix and match your products to see what effects you get x
Happy Crafting