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Jamieson Conor Logan Kelly was born on 23rd May 2012
He weighed 2lbs 7.5oz and was the image of his older brothers Conor 2 and Logan 6
Sadly Jamieson flew to heaven at 9am on Sunday the
27th May 2012.
The cause of his passing was Neonatal Cardiac Tamponade


Very Last Picture of Jamieson when he was alive Taken on Saturday 26th May 2012

When we found out I was expecting Jamieson I was 13wks pregnant
and with in the 16wks I had found out I was pregnant, went into labour,
delivered our beautiful son, cradled him as he flew to heaven and buried him.

We are going to continue to raise awareness of
Neonatal Cardiac Tamponade
We want other mums and dads to be aware of the symptoms
and to be vigilant and most of all trust your maternal instinct
if you feel something isnt right, make them listen.

We are going to be fundraising for funds relating to neonates
The Donations for the 10K Run are being given to the
southern general neonatal intensive care unit.
But through time we will try to spread the funds around and
help as many babies/hospitals and families as we can.

Race Number

To Donate for our 10K Run on 25th August 2013 in Paisley
please so go
Paypal – (send as gift)

We also have donation tins in most shops in the Paisley Shopping Centre just
look for Jamieson’s Poster in the window.
and if you wish you can make a direct bank transfer
Account Number 83857160 & Sort Code 87-43-03


Join our campaign and support our cause at


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