Colour Your World – Happy Crafting

Sorry for being MIA

My apologies for not updating you all recently

I have been busy with life sadly, family stuff with my eldest son

being a typical teenager really but due to my health it takes its toll on me.

Anyway on to more a happier topic CRAFTS woo hoo

I have been so much more active on youtube and doing videos and challenges which 

I am loving, crafting I need motivation and having to make something for someone

in particular or a theme certainly helps with that, I have also joined a facebook

crafting group which requires activity it is called The Crafthole it is great and has loads of

challenges running, I am loving it, right now I am working on a gothic themed challenge and this is my 

project so far



I will be posting some haul posts in the next day or so as I have been shopping a wee bit the last few days

bargains of course x 

anyway here are some other bits and pieces I have been working on.


Fabric book


Foam Flower Stickpin


Tiny Stickpin Holder


With the stickpins


Small Fabric Book


and the inside pages.

Pop over to my You Tube Channel to find more of my makes and enjoy some of the videos here

Hope you are all well and keep crafting

love and hugs Karen xxx



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