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I am so pleased to announce that I am now a member of the design team for
Shabby is Chic Boutique
It is a facebook store with some beautiful craft items to buy.
I have made a beautiful Altered Box using the items that were included in
my Design Team Kit.


This is my finished Project which used the following items from my kit


16mm flatback pearl button
10pcs - I used for my Box Feet


Vintage Butterfly Napkin - 
I used to cover the lid of my box, I just absolutely loved 
the sentiment on the napkin.


.96" silver rhinestone and pearl flatback
Was added into my project among the flower cluster


Ivory Lace Bridal Trim
Was added to the lid of my box, it was cut into smaller sections 
to cover more of the lid


8mm Flatback pearl hearts
15 per pack
I added the Pearl hearts to my applique flower centers



White Tassel Lace Trim
I added this stunning trim around the whole box


1.1cm white flower lace trim
I used around the lid of my box to disguise the seam of my lace.


Leaf Trim I used to add Leaves into my flower clusters it helped 
add the softness to the box.

I start off my box with coating it with a layer of Gesso both inside and out,
the inside I gave a second coat using just white Acrylic paint.
I coated the box's bottom section with a soft pink acrylic paint I didnt have
the exact colour I wanted, so I mixed a deep red tone paint with
some white acrylic to give me the perfect shade.
The lid of the box, I decoupaged the napkin on using Decopatch Glossy
glue, once this has dried I lightly dust it with some baby talc
it helps to take off the tacky feeling and also gives the box
a lovely scent x 
I then added my trims and finally I picked out a selection
of flowers from my stash that would work with the colours of the napkin.
I added the bridal applique on to cover as much of the lid area as possible and
then I organised my flowers to work along with the applique to
make sure I had maximum effect. 
I finally for the lid added in my embellishments among 
the flowers, I cut the leaf trim into small sections and used as leaves in
the flowers, I used the small pearl hearts as flower centers in my
applique flowers and lastly I added the rhinestone and pearl embellishment
into the flowers also to give it the little bit of bling it needed 
to finish it off perfectly
The base of my box, I added felt and then used the
16mm flatback pearl buttons to make feet for my box and I was done.
Shabby is Chic Boutique Store 
Shabby is Chic Boutique Blog 
Enjoy and have an fab day x Lots of Love and hugs Karen xx

Comments on: "Design Team Project for Shabby is Chic Boutique" (2)

  1. Karen your work is beautiful ..So glad I’ve become a part of the group ..I’m just a new bee but through you lovely people I’m enjoying Crafting ..I no if there’s,something I’m not sure about …You karen Amanda and all the fantastic members are there to help ..Love to you Amanda Karen and the design team At Scrimmpy 💗

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