Colour Your World – Happy Crafting

About Cards By Karian

I am Karen, I am 36yr old Stay at Home Mum from Scotland,
(one of my better photos)
I have been with my other half Ian for over 16yrs,
This photo is of me and Ian in July 2010 enjoy as pics of me is a rare sight lol
We have 2 sons, Jordan 14yrs old and Jayden-Jack is 6yrs old.
This photo of them both was taken 4th Jan 2013 at my niece’s wedding.
I caught the crafting bug while making a scrapbook for my dad’s 60th Birthday
(I will blog his scrapbook images soon)
back then Jayden-Jack was toddling so I could only work on it at night once he was in bed,
it took me months to finish but once I did I was amazed at how well it looked I was so proud of it, 
but due to having the wee one around, I stored all the craft stuff away and forgot about it.
Once the wee one started school in Aug 2011 I decided to pull out my craft stuff again and see if I could 
do anything with it, I started making handmade cards, and buying little bits at a time to build up my supplies.
My December 2011 I was truly hooked and enjoyed my new hobby, as I suffer depression and social anxiety 
it helps keep my mind occupied and not thinking too much.
I was very self conscious of my crafting to begin with and felt it wasnt good enough to sell to anyone but people were requesting cards from me 
so I started making them for them to donate money to charity.
But as my demand for more cards became higher I had to start taking some money to replenish my stock.
I now craft almost everyday and I love it, I love watching tutorials on card folds and new inks and stamping techniques.
Anyway thats about all from me 
Happy Crafting xx

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