Colour Your World – Happy Crafting

I purchased the bow card template from

it is a beautifully put together template with many layers for you just to print and pencil on to your cardstock and paper and construct .

Once my card base was constructed I then got out my box of goodies from

Shabby is Chic Boutique and started to place them where I felt they should go on my card.

I used many products and am very pleased with how beautiful the embellishments made my card go from very pretty to absolutely stunning.

I used the 30.5cm Venise Lace (*1/2 yard*)

And chopped out the heart appliques from it and positioned them on either side of my card and then also at the bottom of the card.

I then added the 2 leaf dangles from the White Tassel Lace Trim to imitate leaves and on top of them I added a 40mm wide 2toned pink rose these were added to both sides on top of the heart appliques.

I then wanted to add something to the top and had a small section of bridal applique left so tidied it up and attached it to the upper part of my card and then used 1.1cm white flower lace trim to add dimension to the appliques flowers and to give it the sense of luxury I added rhinestones to give it some sparkle I had some in my stash but it is available in the shop to purchase and will leave the link below x

I then decided I wanted to add some butterflies (I adore butterflies and try to add them to almost all my projects) but to add something extra to them I actually took one of my napkins from my DT pack and decoupaged it on to some card stock and then die cut out some butterflies when doing this I also cut a flourish using the same piece of napkin and card and loved the look it gave, I attached the butterflies in various places and added the flourish which worked in beautifully. For the centre I wanted something to add a softness to it so opted to use some cream webbing material as I didn’t want muslin due to the threads falling off and shedding the webbing is a little more resilient and it worked out perfectly, I finished it off with a vintage image from pinterest and used one of the resin frames from my stash surrounded the image with rhinestones and added one to the top of the frame. Lastly to finish the card off I added a tail to the card and used some wedding in thin stripes and some ric rak braid in cream and some rhinestone trim I glued them all just under the second layer of the card but to make sure it looked finished if anyone looked I added a Rhinestone and pearl button and for all the butterflies I added small strings of rhinestones to give them all some sparkle.

This project did take me a lot time as I wanted it to be close to perfect. My mum turns 60 next month and this card will be going to her x so I hope it inspires you to look at all your trims differently and use them in different ways x

Enjoy, Lots of love and hugs always Karen xx

Items I used from the store are as follows

30.5cm Venise Lace (*1/2 yard*)

White Tassel Lace Trim

bridal applique

1.1cm white flower lace trim

Parisian Napkin

.96″ silver rhinestone and pearl flatback

Also available in the store is the rhinestone 2mm trim



I am so pleased to announce that I am now a member of the design team for
Shabby is Chic Boutique
It is a facebook store with some beautiful craft items to buy.
I have made a beautiful Altered Box using the items that were included in
my Design Team Kit.


This is my finished Project which used the following items from my kit


16mm flatback pearl button
10pcs - I used for my Box Feet


Vintage Butterfly Napkin - 
I used to cover the lid of my box, I just absolutely loved 
the sentiment on the napkin.


.96" silver rhinestone and pearl flatback
Was added into my project among the flower cluster


Ivory Lace Bridal Trim
Was added to the lid of my box, it was cut into smaller sections 
to cover more of the lid


8mm Flatback pearl hearts
15 per pack
I added the Pearl hearts to my applique flower centers



White Tassel Lace Trim
I added this stunning trim around the whole box


1.1cm white flower lace trim
I used around the lid of my box to disguise the seam of my lace.


Leaf Trim I used to add Leaves into my flower clusters it helped 
add the softness to the box.

I start off my box with coating it with a layer of Gesso both inside and out,
the inside I gave a second coat using just white Acrylic paint.
I coated the box's bottom section with a soft pink acrylic paint I didnt have
the exact colour I wanted, so I mixed a deep red tone paint with
some white acrylic to give me the perfect shade.
The lid of the box, I decoupaged the napkin on using Decopatch Glossy
glue, once this has dried I lightly dust it with some baby talc
it helps to take off the tacky feeling and also gives the box
a lovely scent x 
I then added my trims and finally I picked out a selection
of flowers from my stash that would work with the colours of the napkin.
I added the bridal applique on to cover as much of the lid area as possible and
then I organised my flowers to work along with the applique to
make sure I had maximum effect. 
I finally for the lid added in my embellishments among 
the flowers, I cut the leaf trim into small sections and used as leaves in
the flowers, I used the small pearl hearts as flower centers in my
applique flowers and lastly I added the rhinestone and pearl embellishment
into the flowers also to give it the little bit of bling it needed 
to finish it off perfectly
The base of my box, I added felt and then used the
16mm flatback pearl buttons to make feet for my box and I was done.
Shabby is Chic Boutique Store 
Shabby is Chic Boutique Blog 
Enjoy and have an fab day x Lots of Love and hugs Karen xx

I ordered this stunning kit from Amanda who owns Scrimpy’s Craft Boutique

Her store can be found on facebook Scrimpy’s Craft Boutique

She sells the most amazing kits and I have bought almost all of them as they are great quality and fantastic value for money.

With this kit which was made by Fernli Designs exclusively made to Amanda’s specifications to house her stunning laces and trims.

When you get the kit it has 6 pieces base, handle/centre partition and 4 sides

I chose to decorate mine using paper and I chose a very simplistic wood grain effect

12742342_1564739443847931_4515056088480291454_n 12662721_1564739507181258_5211624452608338254_n

This was the very first stage of decorating.

I then used gorgeous trims and laces from Amanda’s shop to decorate and it worked out beautifully


The base I added 2 panels of felt then added a 3 larger panel over the whole base, I then added 1.5cm cubes for the feet and I added felt to the feet also to give it a more finished professional look.


I used a chiffon styled gathered trim first to add a softness to the caddy and I then added a beautiful guipure trim which has beautiful and delicate detail and to finish it off and also to tie in the pearl headed pins I have used on my spools I chose to add a 6mm pearl flatback trim around also.

My spools once I have some cream seam binding in stock that will be added to each spool

Overall I am extremely pleased with how it turned out and cannot wait for my next kit.

Lots of love and craft hugs Karen x

April already!!!

Where has this year disappeared to?? feels like just a few weeks ago we were manic about christmas and now we are preparing for easter.


I have had a productive week I am really loving the facebook group the craft hole (the link is in the post before this one) it is such a great motivator to make items and get you crafting with purpose. 

So far this week I have made a small 12×12 paper mini album (one Tim Holtz shows on his youtube channel) it is really easy to follow and a lovely wee book for in your handbag or to give a friend for a birthday.

I then started the base work for an envelope Mini (my first ever) it is a big project and has lots of scope for expanding with the way I have made it x so it will be a fantastic project x I have covered 90% of the pages and photomats that I had done the base work on so I hope to finish that tomorrow still undecided on wither to gift it to someone who can then embellish it themselves or embellish it and then gift it, the jury is still out on that decision.

My next make was a craft hole project and it was part of the May Challenge which is Shabby Chic so I made (again for my first ever) an altered teacup pin cushion. I just adore how it worked out 



the trim around it can be used to skim over and hide the saucer or tucked in and show the saucer and the decorations underneath.

I also made a few flowers one inspired by my friend Amanda who is a glittery girly pink girl x and the other just to pull me away from my normal colours and made one with blues but still in the shabby chic theme x loved them both.



Finally I finished my gothic wall plaque 





I LOVED this project so much I have kept it for myself and is now on my bedroom wall x it is just fab, the first time I have enjoyed having glue strands everywhere lol x 


Anyway Hope you have all had a lovely crafty week and keep well and healthy x 

Love and hugs Karen xx

Sorry for being MIA

My apologies for not updating you all recently

I have been busy with life sadly, family stuff with my eldest son

being a typical teenager really but due to my health it takes its toll on me.

Anyway on to more a happier topic CRAFTS woo hoo

I have been so much more active on youtube and doing videos and challenges which 

I am loving, crafting I need motivation and having to make something for someone

in particular or a theme certainly helps with that, I have also joined a facebook

crafting group which requires activity it is called The Crafthole it is great and has loads of

challenges running, I am loving it, right now I am working on a gothic themed challenge and this is my 

project so far



I will be posting some haul posts in the next day or so as I have been shopping a wee bit the last few days

bargains of course x 

anyway here are some other bits and pieces I have been working on.


Fabric book


Foam Flower Stickpin


Tiny Stickpin Holder


With the stickpins


Small Fabric Book


and the inside pages.

Pop over to my You Tube Channel to find more of my makes and enjoy some of the videos here

Hope you are all well and keep crafting

love and hugs Karen xxx


Cuddly Buddly

I bought a lot of supplies from this shop in early January and got some fantastic bargains.

Here is my haul video Click Me then the other day, I got an email regarding a design team call, I am by no means a fantastic crafter but I would be totally honoured to work with their supplies as they are stunning. I am going to work on the card this week at some point, once my house is back to normality, have builders in just now putting in a  new combi boiler so my wee house is in total turmoil. But it will be fine when it is all done.

Anyway pop over and visit the store and have a wee browse at their items


Love and hugs Karen

For anyone who doesnt know me this month is one of my busiest months of the whole year

For the past 8-9 yrs I have made Santa Letters initially for my own kids, friends kids and family members, but the past 2yrs I have been selling them and they are so popular all my customers adore them and they are so thankful for the picture on the wee ones face when reading it to them.

But last year another small business approached me about supplying them with some stuff (Reindeer Food another of my yearly sells) and asked if the labels I had done for them could be done for snowman soup, of course I agreed  they also wanted small certificates laminated to say the Elf’s had been watching them (and had the name of the elf, each child had a different elf) anyway this was to be a yearly order but sadly the project she had done was a disaster and lots of kids were very disappointed.

But using some of the ideas she had I decided to do similar but only not be so extravagant in my plans, so I decided to make a Christmas Eve Survival Kit, all the basics every child needs on Christmas Eve, but wanted to keep the costs low enough for families with multiple young children so they wouldnt feel overwhelmed by the costs.

So far I have stamped Santa’s name on @ 250 cards, I have tied ribbon on to 460-480 santa keys, they are very basic but I do offer an upgrade if they want a personalised santa key. last night I bagged up 250 snowman soup (well started as I was waiting on my belgian chocolate drops being delivered) they arrived today so thats my plan for today get them bagged up and out the way.

I have to pick up oats for my reindeer food and start getting that mixed (tomorrows mission)

my hope…. is to have all the bags (500) all made and bagged for 24th

to do list

  1. 250 snowman soup to complete and finish the other 250
  2. 250 christmas cards to be stamped
  3. 500 Reindeer food to be made
  4. 1000 labels to be printed, laminated, cut and attached to the bags
  5. wrap 500 cookies in cling film
  6. then finally add all the components into one christmas bag

Should be achievable

Then I will have  4 days to type up, print off and post all my santa letters they all need to be posted on the 28th Nov so they arrive in time for the advent season beginning, the letter starts the whole season off with some real magic.

So please please dont think I have deserted you all, I am just mega busy with all the ho ho ho nonsense x

Anyway here is a wee project I did manage to squeeze in with some of my freetime and I loved the final look


I started by using white Gesso on the base of a 6×6 chipboard base, I then mod podged a layer of lace down to give it some textured background, I used some victorian velvet distress ink and smudged it over the dried lace layer to add colour to the base and give me a colour pallette to work from when planning the rest of my project. DSCF1866DSCF1871 DSCF1872

as always my battery died on my camera so just continued by I can talk you through it and it is not over done too much so you can still see the layers that I made.

I added in some torn coloured paper and edged it with the distress ink I used earlier (this was the only main colour I added to the whole project) I then chose a frame from michaels and painted it (took a few layers as I wanted it to look like porcelain my final coat was a glossy mod podge I then once it had dried added on the raised areas touches of distress ink to then pull the frame and background together.

I chose paper flowers which colours complimented the project and then arranged them to look unplaced, and not uniformed but flowing as flowers should be, I always start with my largest flowers and then work down size wise and use my tiny ones to fill in any gaps that may appear.  finally I watered down a tiny bit of white acrylic paint and toned down some of the flowers to make them appear more muted and make them all blend in together more. Finally I added a few leaves some I used green water colour pencils for and others I used brown water colour pencils to give it some depth at the bottom I had a gold leaf trim that I loved but it didnt fit colour wise so again I painted it with the white acrylic to blend it in to the project. I then added some wire and metal elements the leaf at the top is from an brooch again it was originally gold so out came the white acrylic 😉 the wire coil and the wire berries were gold too but I repainted them white. I LOVE the final out come and think it worked out so well.

I hope you can use so of these techniques and let you try something similar

much love and happy crafting xx