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Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powders

Again I have been buying these a few at a time to build up my collection
I adore the colours of them they are so vivid and vibrant and the depth of colour is very hard to show online
as every time you move it another colour flashes through.
The Tubs are 20mls and cost around £3.60 each
I have made a chart below with the colours I have so far in my collections and will add one of the designs I have used the powders in,
mostly they are only used on flowers just now (I am going through a phase just now of embossing flowers and then moulding them to the shape I want)
but it will give you an idea of the colours if nothing else – Will add more as I work with them more.
The Lustre ones have a pearl effect and give you a pinky/silver tint to them all,
The Aurora ones are stunning they are like rainbows through the powders and give you loads of shimmers through it
Lilac Black has Black and purples through it and again it has a lilac shadow effect on the top, Midnight Blue and Cobalt Sky are very similar in their make up
but are different tones of blues through each of them, Tropic Red is red with orange and yellow tones.
Some of the powders are very fine ( the lapis pearl lustre is extremely fine and clings to everything)
some are more coarse and a few are UTEE but they all work in the exact same way.
This cards here the Large Purple Flower was Actually Lilac Apple Aurora,
I did emboss it twice to give it a lot of shimmer as you will see the colour is extremely vibrant.
The tiny pearl coloured flower was lapis pearl lustre and again I embossed it twice which meant I could mould it and give it shape.
I hope you enjoy using the Cosmic Shimmer Embossing Powders as much as I do,
Happy Crafting.