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I am in full santa mode this month

For anyone who doesnt know me this month is one of my busiest months of the whole year

For the past 8-9 yrs I have made Santa Letters initially for my own kids, friends kids and family members, but the past 2yrs I have been selling them and they are so popular all my customers adore them and they are so thankful for the picture on the wee ones face when reading it to them.

But last year another small business approached me about supplying them with some stuff (Reindeer Food another of my yearly sells) and asked if the labels I had done for them could be done for snowman soup, of course I agreed  they also wanted small certificates laminated to say the Elf’s had been watching them (and had the name of the elf, each child had a different elf) anyway this was to be a yearly order but sadly the project she had done was a disaster and lots of kids were very disappointed.

But using some of the ideas she had I decided to do similar but only not be so extravagant in my plans, so I decided to make a Christmas Eve Survival Kit, all the basics every child needs on Christmas Eve, but wanted to keep the costs low enough for families with multiple young children so they wouldnt feel overwhelmed by the costs.

So far I have stamped Santa’s name on @ 250 cards, I have tied ribbon on to 460-480 santa keys, they are very basic but I do offer an upgrade if they want a personalised santa key. last night I bagged up 250 snowman soup (well started as I was waiting on my belgian chocolate drops being delivered) they arrived today so thats my plan for today get them bagged up and out the way.

I have to pick up oats for my reindeer food and start getting that mixed (tomorrows mission)

my hope…. is to have all the bags (500) all made and bagged for 24th

to do list

  1. 250 snowman soup to complete and finish the other 250
  2. 250 christmas cards to be stamped
  3. 500 Reindeer food to be made
  4. 1000 labels to be printed, laminated, cut and attached to the bags
  5. wrap 500 cookies in cling film
  6. then finally add all the components into one christmas bag

Should be achievable

Then I will have  4 days to type up, print off and post all my santa letters they all need to be posted on the 28th Nov so they arrive in time for the advent season beginning, the letter starts the whole season off with some real magic.

So please please dont think I have deserted you all, I am just mega busy with all the ho ho ho nonsense x

Anyway here is a wee project I did manage to squeeze in with some of my freetime and I loved the final look


I started by using white Gesso on the base of a 6×6 chipboard base, I then mod podged a layer of lace down to give it some textured background, I used some victorian velvet distress ink and smudged it over the dried lace layer to add colour to the base and give me a colour pallette to work from when planning the rest of my project. DSCF1866DSCF1871 DSCF1872

as always my battery died on my camera so just continued by I can talk you through it and it is not over done too much so you can still see the layers that I made.

I added in some torn coloured paper and edged it with the distress ink I used earlier (this was the only main colour I added to the whole project) I then chose a frame from michaels and painted it (took a few layers as I wanted it to look like porcelain my final coat was a glossy mod podge I then once it had dried added on the raised areas touches of distress ink to then pull the frame and background together.

I chose paper flowers which colours complimented the project and then arranged them to look unplaced, and not uniformed but flowing as flowers should be, I always start with my largest flowers and then work down size wise and use my tiny ones to fill in any gaps that may appear.  finally I watered down a tiny bit of white acrylic paint and toned down some of the flowers to make them appear more muted and make them all blend in together more. Finally I added a few leaves some I used green water colour pencils for and others I used brown water colour pencils to give it some depth at the bottom I had a gold leaf trim that I loved but it didnt fit colour wise so again I painted it with the white acrylic to blend it in to the project. I then added some wire and metal elements the leaf at the top is from an brooch again it was originally gold so out came the white acrylic 😉 the wire coil and the wire berries were gold too but I repainted them white. I LOVE the final out come and think it worked out so well.

I hope you can use so of these techniques and let you try something similar

much love and happy crafting xx


Christmas Crafting

It is that time of year again, where our wee crafty brains go into overdrive

and we try to think of new ideas to sell our wares, last year I made scented reindeer food it had an amazing cinnamon smell that worked so well and all my customers loved the fact it smelt so strong it was like a Christmas potpourri  for the tree. This year I decided to expand on this by offering a Christmas Eve Survival Kit


So far I have had a great response to this, and think (hope) it is going to fly off, I have 2 craft fayres and my sister and mum are doing the sales for me, My wee kits will be all bagged the only thing they need to check is the colour of the santa key as some of them are pink and cant have a wee lad getting that on xmas eve.

Infact just as I was typing this my door chapped with my postman delivering my last batch of keys 300, yikes guess what I am doing today lol, stringing ribbon on to these wee babies lol anyway here is some of the photos of the goodies in their wee bags


Snowman Soup

  1. Hot Chocolate
  2. Marshamallows
  3. Chocolate drops or buttons
  4. Candy Cane
  5. and a wee rhyme

my wee rhyme will be

When the weather outside is frightful,
Snowman Soup can be delightful!

May it warm your spirit & soul,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

When you feel a chill or “burr”,
Use the candy cane to stir

Add hot water & sip it slow,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

but there are a lot more of them out there I just prefer this one.


Christmas Card from Santa & Mrs Claus which is signed by the jolly man and his wife



Then we have their wee Santa Key (we opted to make this very simple to keep the cost down for families with more than one child but did offer the personalised one at an extra cost if they wished)


Cookie for Santa


Due to having craft fayres at the end of Nov and the beginning of December we had to find an alternative to the carrot as it wouldnt last, And this seemed like a fun thing to have in their wee bags.


For the kids being collected/delivered on the week of Christmas


The bags the goodies will be going into and of course the candy cane for the soup


and finally my reindeer food.

I just wish I could be a fly on the wall seeing the little ones faces when they get their wee bags it just makes them so worthwhile.

Along with all of the above I do personalised Santa Letters


The kids LOVE this and Jingle Elf and Jangle Elf are firm favourites in our house and in the houses of our customers x I post these letters out at the end of November so that it arrives around the 1st December for their advent calender going up and gives them a real sense of magic for the month ahead.

All letters are addresses to each child (even if 3 letters are going to the same house they are posted individually, so they all get their own to open. also they have their envelope stamped with the north pole postage stamp.

Anyway hope that has you all the mood for the holidays and get crafting xx

Lots of Love Karen xx